Supplement your wakeboarding with nutritional support by World Wakeboard Champion Darin Shapiro


Darin Shapiro Wakeboarding in the surf

By request I have put together a list of supplements that I believe have helped me throughout my wakeboard career.  Proper supplementation helps with injury recovery as well as performance and a feeling of well being. I recommend doing extensive research on anything you put into your body as the internet has no shortage of info on these listed supplements.

I choose supplements that have no synthetics and companies that do research themselves with their own labs.

1. Chondroisamine. This is a great supplement for Joint Support, a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin. I like the fact that it contains super dioxide dismutase, an excellent antioxidant. This product is a must for wakeboard knees!

2. Infla-zyme. This product contains natural enzymes which help decrease inflammation in your body. When you take a lot of abuse doing sports this is what I prefer to take instead of Tylenol or Advil. I take it on an empty stomach as I want it to break down the inflammation in my tissues as opposed to my food.

3. Core level Adrenal. This an Adrenal support supplement which I take for the purpose of recovery and well being. When we are actively involved in sports we tax our bodies and our Adrenal glands. Caffeine, alcohol, and stress are amongst the long list of things that drain this important little energy pump. I take this supplement on an empty stomach as well.

4. Vitamin D3.  I take 800IU of D3 daily for a long list of reasons. It raises testosterone levels and helps our bodies absorb calcium, iron, phosphate and zinc as well as many more minerals. D3 is produced in the body through sun exposure. I stay covered up and limit my time in the sun since I have had Melanoma. Therefore, I get my Vitamin D through supplementation.

5. Fish Oils. An antioxidant and anti-inlammatory powerhouse.

6. Protein. We are mostly vegetarian in this house so we get lots of our protein from nuts and soy shakes. Occasionally we have fish or eggs but usually steer clear of animal meats. For every pound of body weight you should have .5 grams of protein. Ramp that up with your activity level. Some days I will mountain bike, workout, surf, trampoline train, and wakeboard. A day like that should put me at 1 gram of protein per lb. of body weight. This is for men and slightly lower for women.

7. Multiple Vitamin/Mineral. I have always taken a comprehensive Multi which I will change up almost every other month to provide my body with new foods. Check out “Shaklee” daily packs or “Da Vinci labs” ultimate spectra.

8. Water. Don’t for get water as an essential mineral!

9. Massage, meditation, and relaxation. All very important things to supplement your health with.

10. Rest. This just may be number one.

Find supplements that feel right for you and learn as much as you can about what you put into your body. Stay healthy and happy shredding!