“Life is about the journey” by Wakeboard World Champion Darin Shapiro


darin shapiro

Darin Shapiro 48 degrees
Pic: Tanya Pavlis

Never ever give up. To be is to do. You need a team to reach your peak, surround yourself with the best there is in everything. Life is about the journey not the destination. How much life is there left? Lets face it, we are all on a one way street. What are we going to do so as we go forward to have no regrets looking back? Let people sit back in their comfortable chairs and be the critic, the observer, while the brave one gets in the ring and engages, and gets bloody and dirty and fails over and over and isn’t timid and lives life in a bold way. The journey itself is worthwhile taking. Find a way. Make a spark, let it become your flame. If you have a dream then you will have obstacles in front of you as we all do. None of us gets through this life without heartache, pain and turmoil. If you believe and have faith and can get knocked down and get up again and believe in perseverance then you can find a way. How? Why? Does your pride ask if you can do it? What a tremendous foundation you can lay down and character that can be built by reaching for the horizon. Every epic journey can fulfill your life once you undertake it and once you’ve committed to it. Every day of our lives is epic. Have action behind your words. Chase your dream whatever your age. Your labor and sweat will allow you to see what you couldn’t have seen from another perspective. That is what wake boarding has given me, that perspective. When you achieve your dreams its not what you’ve accomplished so much as it is what you have become along the way. I walk around tall as I have become a bold, fearless person and that is what I’ll be everyday until my days are done.

Top 5 reasons to wakeboard by World Champion Darin Shapiro

1. You don’t get dirt in your mouth when you get pummeled.
2. When its glassy it feels like snowboarding on powder.
3. Holding onto the handle too tightly or letting go can be used as a metaphor in life.
4. You always feel better after getting in the water and riding minus the water in your privates.
5. It’s fun to share good times with friends and if your not careful
you just might get your bell rang.
Have fun and don’t take your ride too seriously!